Wednesday, January 21, 2015

A Modest Proposal

                        Alright picture this, someone “poaching” they are in the brush of trees and bushes.
“There it is I can hear it purr, I need to get closer though to make the perfect shot. I can’t believe it is right there! It’s right in front of me, the new jaguar XJ! Oh no, there is goes, damn green light! I need to follow it closely but I can’t be seen or she’ll drive away again. Okay good it’s only a block away and she is just resting in the driveway. Now I need to have a steady shot I need to hit it straight on. One, two, shoot. Yes, one tire out. One, two, shoot. I got another one, now she can’t drive away!”
Now before we move on lets define poaching. Poaching: To illegally hunt or catch (game or fish) on land that is not one's own, or in contravention of official protection.
Synonyms include; steal, appropriate, purloin, take, lure away, hunt illegally, catch illegally, jack.
           Now that we know the proper definition, it sounds a lot like that man poaching the pretty new car right? It wasn't his new Jaguar XJ it definitely wasn't on his property but he liked it so he took it! He’ll probably strip it for parts and then sell it for cash. It’s okay though because we all know that poaching is wrong but people do it anyways so I guess let’s just expand our horizon’s and start hunting things we see and like but let’s make it a little more interesting, shall we? Now picture this a couple out and about they are also “poaching”.
                “Aw, baby look at all of them running around! I wish we could have one. What about that one? Oh wait do you want a boy or a girl?” “I've always wanted a baby girl!” “Okay, me too so I’ll just grab… um… her! She has the cutest laugh!” The little girl gets off the slide and gets snatched up by the couple and they explain to her that she is going to live with them from now on because they think she is cute and would make a good addition to their family.
                Now you might say that they can’t do that! But you see, they can and they did. So why don't we all come together to save the animals!

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