Friday, January 16, 2015


                   "Under the sea, under the sea darling it better down where its wetter take it from me!" A huge dark shadow comes over the oceans floor. Sebastian stops singing and Ariel and Flounder hide behind a large rock. Sebastian looks up and says quietly "It's the Flying Dutchman" then every fish and sea creature swims, scuttles, and crawls away as fast as they possibly can. Ariel is so intrigued by this unfamiliar ship, that she starts to swim to the oceans surface. As Founder and Sebastian are trying to escape as quickly as possible because they know what is sure to follow, they notice Ariel is no longer by their side. Looking around frantically, they see her swimming to the surface. Calling her name as they chase after her, she does not hear them. Ariel reaches the surface and there it is The Flying Dutchmen. Founder swims to her and as soon as he reaches the surface to tell Ariel what is about to happen they hear Davy Jones say "release the Kraken". After that all they can hear is the sound of swords clashing and the screams of those who have been injured and are falling overboard. Ariel swims to the rescue of as many pirates as she can and takes them to shore. Then from a distance she sees the Kraken, still not knowing what it is but realizing that it is coming closer and closer, she starts to swim away. Thinking she has escaped the Kracken, Ariel starts to slow down and head back to her home under the sea. Then out of nowhere that same huge dark shadow, well what she thought was the same shadow. The Kracken swoops down scoops up Ariel and eats her.

                                                            THE END

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