Thursday, October 30, 2014

two narrators one story



So here is the real story

Real story

It was just the other day when I was

On my way home from the most amazing European trip, I’m so

Glad my sister had a good time and got to see everything she wanted to see. I was really happy for her I don’t know why she thought I was

Jealous… mom made her pick me up from the air port I know she didn’t want to take the time out of her day to come get her baby sister. So before any of this even happened she was looking to get back at me. I couldn’t

Understand why she thought I had it out for her she had just got home! We were driving out of the air port. That’s

When “things” started to happen. There was a black escalade following us, Chanel definitely

Did not notice. I was just trying to talk to Kate about her trip but she was just acting all

Paranoid? Of course I was! How could I not be? When this all black escalade was following us ever since we left the air port! Here I am

Just thinking that it’s just some car that is going the exact same way as us and we

Are going to get kidnapped, or even worse killed! We got to a red light the car

Pulled up next to us the window rolled down there were two men dressed in business clothes it just looked like they were getting back from

Killing there last victim. They drove in the opposite direction from us when the light turned green. So I’m thinking that everything is okay! I just went back to telling Chanel about the amazing time I had. I told her

About some guy she had met in France, he would always leave her a flower outside her door

In the morning. He was so sweet, love at first sight is

Not real! I can’t believe that she would be that gullible. That’s not all he would leave her though, he left

Me jewelry too! That’s when things started to get some what strange. He said to me that one day he would never see me again, and that it wasn’t anything I did but

That there were many people that wanted him dead. Now don’t you think after hearing that you would be freaked out?!  She should have just stopped talking to him after

That was the last time I thought I would see him but as I was leaving he showed up at the airport as I was just about to board, he ran up

To her and kissed her. Why she didn’t yell for help? I don’t know.  We are getting off task… for the record I’m still not

Jealous! See I told you. So we are on the highway and we see the black escalade again! I forgot to mention

That she had seen the men that were in the escalade back at the airport coming back home. You would think she would have said something about that a bit sooner… so now here we are

Getting followed by the guys that were at the airport. How was I supposed to know that this was going to happen? I don’t get why Chanel is so mad. We had finally lost

Them, when we had drove into the city. When we got back to the house mom had said there was a letter waiting

 for me from the hotel. I went outside to read it and there was the black escalade sitting outside the house. Trying to make sense of what was happening I opened the letter it was from Augustin inside it read Dear,

Kate never told me what it said, but all I know is we didn’t get kidnapped so I don’t care.  

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